An Audience with Ed Stafford followed by Wild Canapés

A fantastic opportunity is yours to join Ed Stafford in a small group as he shares personal anecdotes about his self-filming on his extensive experience of creating extraoridinary content for the Discovery Channel. There will be the opporunity to ask questions,  get his autograph and have your photograph taken by a professional photographer. Wild canapés and cocktails will be served after the talk. 

Ed Stafford is passionate about encouraging others. He is honest and real about the challenges he faced in the Amazon: alligators, snakes, severe floods, electric eels, jaguars and the hostility of local tribes confronted with a tall foreign man in their midst. Ed's story has powerful lessons about seemingly impossible challenges, resilience, risk, working with others, respect for other cultures and the natural environment and, of course, motivation and staying positive when things are relentlessly tough. Ed’s style of delivery ensures that messages about success in the face of adversity, the determination to achieve targets and riding out tough times are delivered in a very entertaining way with a large dollop of self-deprecating humour.

Saturday 12-1pm (Limited availability)

Duration: 1hr

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