Finnish Skillet

Finnish Skillet

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Finnish Skillet

In our search for unique products to join the Bushcraft Branded range we found this amazing lightweight skillet/ frying pan. 

The frying pan has always been regarded as a necessity for the Finnish Outdoorsman, everyone would carry their own and it would be used to cook in and eat from. An old Finnish guide book writes:

’Pan needs to be steel and sufficiently high edge. Edge must be sloped, not vertical, because pancake need to slide on it, when it turn by throwing. For handle user can cut right length branch from woodland.’

This has a 30cm diameter with a base of 23cm, hand made in Finland from 0,75mm Rautaruukki steel and have a Birch handle. This is done in conjunction with The Finnish Wilderness Skills Association, Suomen Erätaito Ry, who desire to keep such products and designs alive today. 

These pans are excellent for campfire cooking and in true Finnish style if you pack the small pan on your adventures and use it as your plate/ bowl too you can really travel light! 

Each skillet comes with a sturdy travel bag to protect your pan and keep your other kit clean!