Bushcraft Branded Squared Possibles Pouch

Bushcraft Branded Squared Possibles Pouch

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COMING SOON... (Nov 2015)

For some time we have been asked if we would produce a range of products ‘from the magazine’... Well this summer sees the launch of our new range of Bushcraft Branded products. We have had the opportunity to test all kinds of equipment in all kinds of conditions and in designing our own range we have taken the best features of all the many products available and combined them to create a range that is second to none.

We have very high standards and insist on quality workmanship and sourcing the best materials. Many of our products are bespoke, or have unique features born from using the products in the wilds. All bear the Bushcraft Branded logo, using the ‘B’ from the Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine's masthead.

The leatherwork is hand stitched by the award winning Lois Orford owing to her high standards and attention to detail. Our range is made in a carefully, hand selected ‘wilderness’ green leather with orange stitching to mirror the colours from the magazine, silver coloured fittings are used across the range to give a classy, unique, high end look.

The Bushcraft Branded ‘squared’ possibles pouch is just the right size to keep (in true character), all the key things that you would possibly need when out in the wilds. 

It is sized to take the likes of a compass, a small field guide, a survival tin, a notebook and, as one of our staff members pointed out, it is even the right length to fit an iPhone in!

The pouch is moulded and so provides a rigid compartment for you to stow your most prized and valued possessions. It comes with a silver coloured Sam Browne stud closure allowing easy access, even with gloved hands, the benefit of this ingenious fastening is that it is also silent and so stealth matters, if you are tracking or watching wildlife you will not disturb your quarry.

We have adopted the same method of belt attachment as you find on our leather knife sheaths, allowing the pouch to sit well and move independently when you sit down or move around, avoiding it digging into you. We have chosen to have two poppered droppers so that you can remove the pouch easily if needed and so that you can use droppers that you leave on your belt for attaching differing items throughout your day depending upon your activities. The two D rings that remain, once detached from the dropper loops, can take a shoulder strap so that the pouch can be used as a small satchel and can also be attached to a pack with a pair of small karabiners.

2 'poppered droppers' included.

Optional Firesteel Loop £25

Also sold as a Tinder Pouch with a new standard size 'tobacco tin', a fire steel loop and one of our Bushcraft Branded Firesteels - click HERE

 NB: Image showing optional Firesteel loop and Firesteel, optional extra's, not included as standard.