Bushcraft Branded Ultimate Knife - One-off unique Final Prototype

Bushcraft Branded Ultimate Knife - One-off unique Final Prototype


This sale is for a unique one off final prototype of our Bushcraft Branded knife see below at the end of this listing for details***:


The ‘Ultimate’ Bushcraft Knife


For some time we have been asked if we would produce a range of products ‘from the magazine’, for even longer we have been asked to produce a knife! Well this summer sees the launch of our new range of Bushcraft Branded products. We have had the opportunity to test all kinds of equipment in all kinds of conditions and in designing our own range we have taken the best features of all the many products available and combined them to create a range that is second to none.


We have very high standards and insist on quality workmanship and sourcing the best materials. Many of our products are bespoke, or have unique features born from using the products in the wilds. All bear the Bushcraft Branded logo, using the ‘B’ from the Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine's masthead.


The leatherwork is hand stitched by Lois Orford owing to her high standards and attention to detail. Our range is made in a carefully, hand selected ‘wilderness’ green leather with orange stitching to mirror the colours from the magazine, silver coloured fittings are used across the range to give a classy, unique, high end look.


The blades and handles are crafted by Ben Orford, again owing to his high standards and attention to detail. We have chosen green micarta with orange G10 liners for the knife handles to complement the colours of the magazine and the leather goods, silver coloured fittings consistent with the range stand out as a little different to the brass most commonly used, tie in with the blade and the knife hardware chosen allows for a super fine finish without the common ‘inner ring’. The knife blades bear the ‘B’ and also Ben’s stamp as the maker.


Having used and reviewed many knives over the years and discussed the design and functionality of many with readers, show visitors, bushcraft & survival instructors, game keepers, forestry workers and survival ‘celebrities’, we have come to the conclusion that this is the ultimate in knife design, based on the Woodlander by Ben Orford which won Best Bushcraft Product in the 2013 Best in Bushcraft Awards. We have tweaked the design and changed the materials to reflect the look and functionality that we require. The full tang knife blade is made from 3mm 01 high carbon tool steel so that it holds a great edge and will throw a spark if needed, the steel is rolled which is what gives it the classy blackened look, enhancing the silver colour of the grind, but, from a practical perspective this affords it protection from staining and corrosion that you do not get with a brushed or polished surface reducing the care required in the wild. The 3mm blade is 101.6mm (4”) long, this is the optimum length, being long enough to split wood and great for craft projects but not too long to make it impractical and heavy to carry. The 3mm steel is tough enough to baton through a piece of wood, yet thin enough to be functional when used for food preparation and fine craft projects. As well as being functionally thinner, the use of 3mm as apposed to a thicker steel reduces weight when carrying the knife but also fatigue on your wrist when using the knife for prolonged periods.


With a tried and tested Scandi-Grind the knife comes razor sharp, the back of the blade is rounded at the tip to avoid catching and scraping when you are carving and add comfort if you are using your thumb to push the tip. The centre of the spine is left squared for use with a firesteel or for scraping, with the rear being rounded, again so that you can apply pressure there without hurting your finger or thumb when doing craftwork. The blade bears our branded ‘B’ and the maker, Ben Orford's stamp on the other side.


The handle is made from green Micarta with orange G10 liners, so is very stable. The use of the orange is not only inkeeping with our branding, but discretely aids finding the knife if put down or dropped in the undergrowth. The shaping of the handle makes it comfortable to use in a range of holds and the grip offered by the Micarta, wet or dry enhances safety. The handle is held together by silver coloured aluminum fittings which will not tarnish like brass and offer a cleaner finish without the usual central ring seen with brass loveless bolts.


The lanyard tube is silver in colour too giving the knife the classy look and finish that we desired for the whole range. The knife is supplied with a length of orange, and a length of green paracord for you to use as a wrist lanyard. Often a lanyard is not desired or required but the option of it allows for the knife to be clipped to the belt or sheath in particularly rugged terrain or in snow or over water for additional security. The lanyard can be hooked over the thumb to prevent the hand slipping forward in thrusting motions. It can be looped around the wrist, twisted tight and the knife held further back thus effectively extending the length of the handle and when crafting or working over deep snow or water the lanyard can (carefully) be used as a means of not having to keep putting the knife down when you need the use of your hand. The orange cord also assists in finding the knife should you drop it or put it down and loose sight of it.


Our standard model comes in a hand crafted and hand stitched Wilderness Green leather sheath made by the renowned craftswoman Lois Orford. The ‘B’ branded, wet moulded sheath, ties in with the other leatherwork in our range having orange stitching and silver coloured hardware. The sheath is supplied with a peppered belt dropper loop allowing the knife to be removed from your belt quickly and easily, either for use, stowing, or if you are going into a public area. A strong D-ring then allows you to clip it to a pack or onto a loop or ridge line in your tent, bivvi or hammock. As standard the sheath comes with a firesteel tube and a matching firesteel is supplied. The firesteel handle mirrors the handle of the knife and is made with an orange central strip sandwiched between the green micarta, again, after testing over 40 different models of firesteel we have selected the best mix of amalgamated metals to produce the hottest most effective sparks whilst remaining hardwearing and long lasting.


We also provide the option of a Kydex sheath*, molded to your knife (with or without a firesteel and holder) see here and a slim-line leather sheath without the firesteel and tube see here and finally a combination deal with both sheaths being supplied with your knife see here.


*Should you desire a molded Kydex sheath, owing to the molding this is unique to your knife and so should be purchased with your knife, alternatively you will need to send your knife in so that the sheath can be tailored to it should you find you would like one at a later date. The leather sheath, whilst still tailored to the knife is less specific and so can be purchased at a later date.


The ultimate bushcraft knife, well thought out, with a splash of colour…


Your knife will be shipped by courier ‘next (working) day delivery’ for free!


***The knife that you will receive is un-used and made to the specification described above. The difference with this knife to our standard knife described above is that it comes in the slimline leather sheath without the firesteel. The brand stamp on the sheath is different to the brand stamp that will be on the 'production' sheaths (the same as the knife brand stamp) and will be reserved for prototype and special bespoke 'one off' items. 

The spine is rounded from the handle two thirds of the way down with the bottom two inches (approx) being left squared for scraping for use with a firesteel.

There is a slight scuff mark on the sheath which you can see in one of the images.

The knife will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Ben & Lois Orford and Simon Ellar the editor of Bushcraft & Survival Skills magazine detailing that it is a unique one off product from the development of the range.