Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine - Issue 52

Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine - Issue 52


This Autumnal issue contains a feast of articles to inspire you, interest you and enhance your bushcraft learning. From learning how-to obtain pigment from nature to making Perry McGee’s grass rope. Go Autumnal foraging, learn how-to forge your own knife and even personalise the blade with our step-by-step guide to etching.

Take a look at the histories that made modern bushcraft, then read about continuing learning and pushing your comfort zone. Our bushcraft on a budget expert shows you how-to make a budget survival bracelet, then check out how-to survive an animal encounter. We interview and put some of your questions to Laura Bombier, photographer of Les Stroud, and, Lofty Wiseman shares wise words about keeping to the path! 

As summer draws to an end, find out what’s going on in nature's calendar and if you travel by canoe, check out what basics you must take. Stay dry as the seasons change and take a look at the range of outdoor jackets we have reviewed for you and see why Geoffrey Guy thinks bushcraft is so important in education.

Whatever intrigues you in this issue, we hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we, and our writers enjoy putting it together for you! 

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