Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine - Issue 75 - Jul/Aug 2018

Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine - Issue 75 - Jul/Aug 2018


There is plenty to tickle your bushcraft creativity and learning from Ben and Lois’ article on ‘Making a handle for your upcycled adze’ to Lofty Wiseman's musings about Fire.

Iain Nairn’s most excellent series of ‘Bushcraft on a Budget’ teaches you budget knife sharpening methods and our younger writer Ben Abbot, shares 'What can bushcraft do for you?' There are some interesting articles to pose new ideas and develop our thinking with Charlie Portlock’s ‘Mindful Hunting’ and Paul Kirtley’s advice on the best choice of axe for bushcraft. I hope you enjoy Naomi Walmsley’s piece about ‘The joys of observing nature’ which captures so much of the feel good factors of life outdoors. 

So cover to cover there is a broad church of homely articles from the world of bushcraft which we hope will inspire you to get boots on the ground, canoes and kayaks on the water and dirt under your nails. 

Have a great summer out and about

Happy Trails


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