Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine - Issue 55

Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine - Issue 55


We have another great issue for you… As the car boot season begins and people spring clean their garages and sheds and donate old tools to charity shops, Ben and Lois Orford show you how to restore and sharpen an old axe head. As spring breaks, why not go out and forage with Mark Williams, but be sure you know your onions, Marco Priori continues our look at Bushcraft Around the World, sharing the growth and interest in bushcraft in Italy.

Is your recycling collection due? Quick, go and grab some plastic bottles and take a look at Ian Nairn’s article showing you 10 Uses for a Plastic Bottle. As always ‘Lofty’ is on form sharing his stories and in this issue we learn something of his pets! Grant Neale shares his thoughts on being self-reliant when it comes to water shortages and reviews the Lifesaver products that quite literally save lives! Following on with the ‘prepper’ theme, Steve Hart show you how to create your own ‘Bug out Bag’.

Dale Collett takes us right back to basics to look at the Stone Age hand drill and once you have your ember, why not build a Dakota Fire Hole with Jason Ingamells? Ahead of his appearance in the Finnish Camp at The Bushcraft Show 2015, Joppe Ranta shares with us the amazing story and discovery behind the design of the traditional Loue shelter. Keeping it Scandinavian, Tim Gent takes to the water again and shares his experiences in Sweden.

Pablo takes a look at the UK’s Deer Species and if you are wondering how it all began, Lisa Fenton shares with us the heritage of modern bushcraft, so, without further ado, read on and enjoy the fruits of our great team of writers!

Happy Bushcrafting!

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