Bedtime Stories, Hot Chocolate & Cookies with Will Lord

  • Friday 7pm: 48 tickets remaining

Bedtime Stories, Hot Chocolate & Cookies with Will Lord

Listen to the two original stories, theatrically and emotionally told by Will Lord and Sarah Day. Situated around the campfire, your children will be enchanted and captivated with the stories that will engage their minds and their hearts.

The Deer Hunter - This story teaches about respecting your prey

A 10year old boy living in the mesolithic 12,000 years ago, wants to go and hunt a mighty stag to be like his dad. Little does he know about the life changing journey he is setting out on, as his father informs him that he doesn’t have the right to hunt this magnificent beast until he has succeeded in touching a living deer with his bare hand in the wild land.

Death in the Stone Age - This story is comical but looks at ancient burial techniques

A Mammoth hunt goes terribly wrong and a mighty hunter becomes splatted, even more despairingly he doesn’t know he is dead and his spirit is becoming a problem to the tribe. So they use an ancient ritual of a sky burial followed by the ritualised painting of his bones in (blood and muddy) ochre before being placed into the depths of a cave to be reborn.

The storytelling ends with a hot chocolate and a cookie for each child.

Children must be accompanied by a non-paying adult. 

Please note that this is on the Friday evening, therefore for weekend ticket holders only. 

All profits are donated to The Woodland Ways Bushcraft Foundation to support tribal people around the globe.

Class Size: 50 Maximum

Duration: 45mins 

Friday 7pm

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