Make a Gill Net with Fraser Christian

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Make a Gill Net with Fraser Christian

Make a Gill Net

This Specialist Instruction Session is taught by Fraser Christian of Coastal Survival, a professional fisherman and coastal hunter. He will teach you the simple, fisherman's way of constructing and rigging both a net and a gill net. Learn why a net is not a gill net and how hanging it in a certain way transforms it into a gill net.

The session includes precise instruction and hands-on tying and rigging of both types. We will start with fishing lines and then learn how to rig and tie the net in order to create a gill net. Fraser will also explain the how, where and when to use the gill net in order to successfully catch a wide range of both fish and shellfish. You will take away with you a kit containing everything you'll need to make your own 5m gill net which will readily fit into any large pocket or bag - ideal for any would-be bushcraft hunter, prepper or survivalist. The legalities of using your kit will also be explained in some detail.

Class Size: 10 Maximum

Duration: 1.5hr Approx.

Saturday 1.00pm

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