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In this edition check out former SAS survival expert Lofty Wiseman’s guide to sleep, or worse still lack of sleep (pages 10-12). There are also plenty of great articles on craft, from carving paddles out of telegraph poles, making a campfire stool and making a shrink pot. Look at our readers’ letters pages, where many of you have been using our articles as inspiration to make your own works of art.

We really hope you like the range of topics covered in this edition such as Natural First Aid by Naomi Walmsley (page 14-18) and Fraser Christian’s account of Living Off Grid is a fascinating journey (page 26-32). You can read some brilliant advice on Tracking in Croatia from Jason Ingamells of Woodland Ways (pages 34-38). The pictures of the wild animals and wilderness are breathtaking. Tim and Susannah Gent share with us all things about using reflector ovens in the wild (pages 58-62). 

Paul Kirtley of Frontier Bushcraft shares his Top 10 trees for Bushcraft and Survival (pages 86-91). And that’s not all, there are some more brilliant book reviews from Chris Eyles (pages 57 and 95) and don’t miss the new photo competition on pages 24-25 where you can win a Frost River Isle Royale bushcraft backpack worth £379! And so much more...


Welcome to the UK's first magazine dedicated to Bushcraft and written by experts.

Interest in bushcraft is at an all time high, its profile being raised by the new availability of information and of course the Ray Mears and Bear Grylls television series. Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine is a valuable resource; enhancing your existing knowledge, teaching you new skills, answering your questions and keeping you up to date with courses and equipment suited to bushcraft use.

Throughout the pages of Bushcraft & Survival Skills magazine you will find regular and feature articles on subjects such as Tracking, Knives & Axes, Foraging, Flint Knapping, Fire Lighting, Wood Lore and Surviving in the Wild, alongside 'How to...' articles showing you how to make your own kit and projects that use nature's resources. There are Book Reviews, Course Reviews & Kit Reviews to help you select and buy wisely, Reader giveaways and Competitions enabling you to get hold of some great kit. Most important, is a chance for you to have your say! We welcome readers' questions to put to our ‘Ask our Expert’ panel, send in your "readers' letters", articles and photographs. 

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