Bushcraft Branded Hand Crafted 'Ultimate' FireSteel

Bushcraft Branded Hand Crafted 'Ultimate' FireSteel


The ‘Ultimate’ Bushcraft FireSteel

Having used and reviewed many FireSteels over the years and discussed the design and functionality of many with readers, show visitors, bushcraft & survival instructors, game keepers, forestry workers and survival ‘celebrities’, we have come to the conclusion that this is the ultimate design. 

The handle is made from green Micarta with an orange G10 centre band, so is very stable. The use of the orange is not only in keeping with our branding, but discretely aids finding the FireSteel if put down or dropped in the undergrowth. The carefully considered size and shaping of the handle makes it comfortable to use in a range of holds and the grip offered by the Micarta, wet or dry enhances safety. The design even affords great grip by gloved hands too! 

The lanyard tube is silver in colour giving the FireSteel the classy look and finish that we desired for the whole range and is supplied with a length of orange paracord, a length of green paracord is also supplied should you wish to change the colour. The cord can be removed, or a longer length of cord used to create a wrist or neck lanyard click here, often a lanyard is not desired or required but the option of it allows for the FireSteel to be clipped to your belt or clothing in particularly rugged terrain or in snow or over water for additional security. The orange cord also assists in finding the FireSteel should you drop it or put it down and loose sight of it.

The 'FireSteel' itself will give around 13,000 strikes and consistently produces sparks that are around 3,000 °C, sure to ignite your prepared tinder, gas stove etc. Unlike many other firelighting methods it will work when wet, is not affected by altitude and is very tough and durable. As an emergency feature you can use the FireSteel to create a bright flash if needed for emergency signalling.   

Weight: 55g, Overall length: 112mm, Length of 'FireSteel': 63mm

The Ultimate FireSteel, stylish, lightweight, and very functional…

Free bag of tinder dust with all FireSteels so you can try it out straight away... 

For some time we have been asked if we would produce a range of products ‘from the magazine’, for even longer we have been asked to produce a knife! Well this summer sees the launch of our new range of Bushcraft Branded products. We have had the opportunity to test all kinds of equipment in all kinds of conditions and in designing our own range we have taken the best features of all the many products available and combined them to create a range that is second to none.

We have very high standards and insist on quality workmanship and sourcing the best materials. Many of our products are bespoke, or have unique features born from using the products in the wilds. All bear the Bushcraft Branded logo, using the ‘B’ from the Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine's masthead.

The leatherwork is hand stitched by Lois Orford owing to her high standards and attention to detail. Leatherwork in our range is made in a carefully, hand selected, unusual ‘wilderness’ green leather with orange stitching to mirror the colours from the magazine, silver coloured fittings are used across the range to give a classy, unique, high end look.

The blades and handles are crafted by Ben Orford, again owing to his high standards and attention to detail. We have chosen green micarta with orange G10 liners for our handles to complement the colours of the magazine and the leather goods, silver coloured fittings consistent with the range stand out as a little different to brass most commonly used, they also tie in with the knife blades and hardware which is chosen to allow for a super fine finish without the common ‘inner ring’. The knife blades bear the ‘B’ and also Ben’s stamp as the maker.


If out of stock you can place an order and you will receive your FireSteel within 60 days.

Only the item detailed above is included in the sale, there may be other items shown in photographs which do not form part of the listing.