Woodland Wild Food Walk with Ffyona Campbell

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Woodland Wild Food Walk with Ffyona Campbell

Woodland Wild Food Walk with Ffyona Campbell
1.5 hours of detailed instruction showing you how to find and identify some of the wild foods of Spring. You'll also be shown some look-a-like poisons, which grow amongst them. You'll sample a salad made entirely from wild food in a delicious sandwich and take home a colour-illustrated booklet of all that we find so that you can continue your learning.  
Ffyona Campbell teaches people how to find an abundance of wild food all year round.  She learned from Aborigines, Bushmen, Pygmies and North American Indians and when she applied their logic to Britain, discovered an annual migration route, which fits us perfectly into the eco-system. 
She has written a book about it called The Hunter-Gatherer Way, putting back the apple. She runs classes in Devon, including; leaves, flowers, seaweeds, seashore plants, lichen, berried, nuts, roots and fungi. She uses Aboriginal methods in her teaching so that you can learn more quickly.

Class Size: 15 Maximum

Duration:  hrs 

Sunday 11am, 1pm 

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